New Year is all around You

That was a wonderful year. True story. Mostly because of my friends and parents. Sometimes I think that I don't deserve the life I live, but I'm not going to protest against what I have. I will just say "Thank you, 2010!"
Here is  a calendar with pics made in 2010. Yeah, I'm fully prepared for the changes that are waiting for me the next year!
Traditionally January and February are superparty months.
Birthmonth - March
Wedding month - April. My brother is married.
In May I fall in love with Berlin
June & my native town - Vitebsk, Belarus
The Bulgarian July. Nessebar, Bilyana Beach hotel
The Romanian Sunrise in August.
Wedding month of September. My cousin is married too.
October is normally for friends. Dasha in Gorky Park. Love her soooo much.
November for The Georgian shock. Tbilisi.
December_Italy_Torino, amor mio!
Past's simple. Present's perfect. Future's continous.
Happy New Year! Make your wish and let it come true. I'll do the same tomorrow and will hope for the best.