showcase at Kurfurstendamm

Bear as a symbol of the city

Duck is also a symbol of Berlin

There is a small patio near Karstadt Sport where parrots live. I like to spend some time there just because its a peaceful place in the crowded center of the city

@Brandenburger Tor. love it.

Berliner Dom @ night

Hakescher Markt is the best place for street art amateurs

This is a good entertainment for youngsters - beerbike. Sounds awesome: you ride this vehicle while drinking beer

Sunday hanging around

The street with the most prestigious shops, galleries, etc.

Hey guys!
Let me introduce you a brand new blog about travelling. As you will know I do travel a lot around the world making nice pictures, looking for cool places, getting to know great people. Here I'm going to share with you all the impressions I've got during my wonderful trips, I can also give you useful information on going to a particular city at a particular time.
I would like to start with Berlin. The city that I passionately adore for this strange combination of something familiar and yet undiscovered. The freedom that city brings to one is really amazing and you'll never get bored in Berlin whoever you are: a geek, a hipster, a party-monkey or a shopaholic.
As I said Berlin is a superdemocratic place where you can find any activity you wish. So if you are eager to recommend me any I'm gonna try it immediately!